Properties and Benefits of Using Naval Brass

There are all sorts of unique metals that fabricators and designers can work with, but one of the most versatile and important is naval brass. Made out of copper, zinc, and tin, this metal yields a lot of benefits and has varied applications.


As its name implies, naval brass was originally designed for sea and water applications. This means it is corrosive-resistant, which expands its uses to all sorts of industries, such as marine engineering, architecture, and even interior design.

The metal can last in any type of environment, giving fabricators and contractors confidence to use it often. The reason why this metal is corrosion-resistant is because of its slight tin makeup. This helps naval brass resist dezincification, a dealloying process that reduces the amount of zinc in the metal.


Naval brass has a unique look, featuring a gold shine. It essentially mimics that appearance of gold, only you don’t have to pay as much. This is particularly true if you find naval brass in bulk from a supplier either online or onsite.

The sophisticated look makes it great to incorporate into high-traffic areas of homes, including the living room and kitchen.


The great thing about this metal is it can be used for all sorts of things. Industries that involve welding and hardware utilize it for its look and durable properties. Make sure you select brass that is of the highest quality by getting help from a reputable metal supplier.


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