Design Possibilities with Copper Sheets

Copper, often called the red metal, is a material that many craftsmen enjoy working with because it is electrically conductive and bends easily. If you are thinking of using copper for your project, the good news is you have limitless possibilities when it comes to using copper sheets.

Kitchen Countertops

Elevate kitchens for clients by putting copper sheets over the countertops. The distinct sheen coming from the sheets creates a visually appealing look, especially when the lights are on in the kitchen.

Not only do copper sheets enhance the countertops aesthetically, but it has some practical uses as well. Copper is heat-resistant, which lends itself well to protecting the countertop surface from burn marks from hot bowls and plates.

Metal Wall Art

Create some buzz in clients’ homes by working with copper sheets to form intricate and stylish metal wall art. You have all sorts of styles to select from, depending on the client’s specific artistic direction.

The malleability of copper helps you customize sheeting in all sorts of ways, and tools like hammers can help you create unique patterns and effects on the sheets. The glimmer from the copper wall art creates a powerful look in any room.


If clients are looking to enhance their chairs, you can change them in an affordable manner by wrapping copper sheets around the legs. The copper coupled with the wood tones from chairs creates a unique look.

Get assistance from a copper sheet supplier; you’ll have a lot of materials to choose from. You can even get copper sheets pre-cut to help you complete jobs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


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