Brass Projects for Interior Designers

Designing interiors for homes requires an innovative approach at times so you can give clients something unique and captivating. When you use brass as a material, you can save on costs and also design some intricate pieces for homes.

Kitchen Backsplash

Bring some creativity to the kitchen by installing brass around the kitchen backsplash. Brass sheet metal is perfect for this kitchen remodel project because it comes in thin sheets. This makes the brass easier to secure to the walls behind the kitchen sink.

Brass is also water-resistant so it will not break down in case water gets on it. This is important for giving clients long-lasting backsplashes that still retain their aesthetic value.

Intricate Sculptures

You can create interesting sculptures for clients’ homes using brass. That’s because brass is extremely malleable. You can bend it in any direction, and it is easy to cut. Brass can be manipulated into unique geometric shapes or can be altered to present iconic logos and figures.

Practical Applications

Brass has a lot of practical applications as well, including light fixtures. You can secure brass tubing around lights to create a striking chandelier, greeting guests or family members as they enter your home. Brass tubing can be secured around art pieces to give them structure and added value as well.

There are so many possibilities when you use brass, and the best part about it is you don’t have to struggle to find materials. Brass suppliers can give you access to all sorts of metals at an affordable price.


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