Best Ways to Incorporate Brass into Your Projects

Brass has been around for many centuries and for good reason. It is exceptional to work with because of its malleability and durability. Use brass with the following projects so that you can give your clients one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out in any room.


Accents in the Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most widely used venues in a house because of all of the cooking and cleaning that takes place. Maximize this space for clients by incorporating brass to accent different elements.


You can wrap brass tubing around the side of the countertops so that they have a distinct look. Doing this also helps protect the edges from chipping so your clients can have kitchens that look great for years. You can also wrap brass around the light fixtures in the kitchen. When the lights are on, the brass accents offer a visually-appealing effect.




There are all sorts of furniture you can enhance using brass. Since this metal is easy to bend, you can craft virtually anything with it. For instance, you can put brass around handles on dressers and trunks. Polished brass gives these pieces a rustic and refined look. You can create dynamic frames around furniture pieces like end tables and coffee tables as well.


The next time you are customizing a home for a client, consider brass as a material option. Brass sales are readily available online so you don’t have to look very far for a material you can rely on for all sorts of projects.


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