Inspecting the Quality of Square Metal Tubing

Contractors, architects, and furniture makers are very familiar with square metal tubing, and its versatility as a material. Because it can be cut and shaped to fit various purposes, it is an in-demand product that many trusted metal suppliers always keep in stock. There are varying grades and sizes to choose from, as well as the metal compositions or alloy content.

Bronze Metal Tubing

These square tubes are built from architectural bronze, also called Alloy 385. This alloy comprises of less than 60% copper, about 39% zinc, and minute traces of lead. It is the addition of lead that makes this tubing highly heat resistant.

For some suppliers, this alloy may also be categorized as free-cutting brass. It can be used in water installations, pipes, fittings, valve bodies, and even in the manufacture of bolts and nuts.

Brass Metal Tubing

Alloy 272 or common brass is often shaped into brass metal tubing. With a yellowish sheen, this alloy contains about 37% zinc and 63% copper. It is very machinable and very resistant to corrosion when exposed to the elements.

It does not rust like steel or iron, and over time, brass surfaces form a patina, or a green shade caused by salt deposits from copper. This adds to the appeal of the brass, and it is often used in furniture and other ornamental pieces.

To find a specific square metal tubing for use in your project, you can speak to your supplier and give them the dimensions you will need.


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