Getting Good Materials from Copper Sheet Suppliers

Copper sheets are denoted by the international standard name of Alloy C110, also called electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper. It is a high-strength material and very resistant to stress. With 99.9% pure copper composition, this metal has been tested and proven to have excellent conductivity.

Supporting Structures

In architecture, copper sheets can be shaped to support structures like skylights, flashing, and roofing elements. This metal has also been used for water fixtures like gutters and spouts because of its resistance to corrosion.

Copper in the Kitchen

For kitchen renovations, copper sheets may already be seen adorning countertops and backsplashes. Aside from the warm color and rustic charm of the material, copper has shown to have antimicrobial properties. Research has proven that compared to stainless steel surfaces, copper prevents bacterial growth more effectively. This makes it an ideal installation for kitchens.

Copper sheet suppliers provide this material in varying thicknesses, depending on their client needs. The thickness or gauge of copper sheets may range from 0.15 inches up to 0.75 inches. The standard width for each sheet is about 36 inches, which may be as long as 48 inches if needed.

If a particular project requires a copper sheet size that is not of the standard, reliable copper sheet suppliers can customize the cut for their clients. These sellers and suppliers may even stock up on hard to find sizes, just to be sure that their customers will readily find the size and gauge of copper that they need.


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