Brass Sales: Types and General Applications

When scouting for high-quality materials, a lot of times fabricators, architects, and designers already have a specific set of dimensions in mind. When it comes to metal supplies and brass sales, it is ideal to find a supplier that can provide a wide range of gauges and lengths. Clients can then have many options, and they can readily find the correct brass size and type to complete their renovations or projects.

Reputable suppliers that offer brass sales already have stocks of common shapes as well as hard-to-find sizes. At times, when a particular gauge, length, or width is not available, then the supplier can custom cut the metal for their clients.

What are the shapes and sizes of brass that are often used in projects? For starters, brass rods and tubes are common for manufacturing hardware parts like nuts, bolts, gears, locks, and more. These rods are often made from red brass, also denoted as Alloy 230. It has about 85% copper content and 15% zinc content.

Brass sheets serve a wide range of applications, such as in kitchen countertops, backsplashes, tiles, windows, doors, and even trimmings for appliances and furniture. The alloys used here may be Alloy 464 (naval brass), Alloy 260 (cartridge brass), or Alloy 353 (leaded brass). In these types, the copper percentage is lower, and the zinc component becomes a little higher.

The other items you can find in brass sales include extrusions, angles, channels, coils, and more. Consult with your supplier to find the ones that are specific to your needs.


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