Know Where to Buy Copper Sheets? Now, Learn How to Protect Copperware

If you’re in the business of manufacturing copper products, knowing where to buy copper sheets of high quality is only one aspect of running a good trade. You also need to establish a good manufacturing process – whether your products be tools, machinery, architectural features, or decorative artwork. That includes knowing how to take care of your materials and merchandise. After all, no one likes buying a damaged product. Plus, you don’t want to come up empty when your customers ask you for maintenance tips.

Here are three pointers on the care and protective maintenance of copper.

Lacquered or unlacquered?

Your copper sheet supplier may have provided you with durable sheets, but you have the option whether to coat your products with lacquer. This coating protects copper from the grease and grime that come with handling, as well as environmental factors like moist.


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