Bronze Use in Jewelry-Making

Jewelry-making is not just about having a good imagination that is required in order to have a good design, but also good quality materials. Whether it be precious gems, simple strings, or shiny metals, the jewelry-maker has to make sure that all items used for the jewelry piece is going to be safe to wear.

Bronze to Wear

One of the more common jewelry accessories is bronze. What makes it ideal is the fact that it is very easy to work with, thanks to its ductility and machinability, among other things. On the aesthetic front, meanwhile, bronze can give that sophisticated look with high quality polish, or a rustic, antique feel with its natural tarnish.

For the most part, bronze, should be safe to wear. It’s not likely to cause allergic reaction if the combination sticks to the standard mixture of copper and tin. If, however, nickel is included in the mix, then there’s a probability that some people may get an allergic reaction to it. If you’re a jewelry-maker, you should disclose to your clients what kind of combinations you use in your bronze pieces, just to make sure that nobody is going to have their health on the line.

Creating Jewelry

Bronze sheet metal is perhaps the easiest kind of bronze material a jewelry maker can work with. It’s easy to cut, shape, and design, on top of the fact that it is also very accessible. Since your pieces are meant to be worn, just make sure to always use quality materials from trusted suppliers.


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