Function and Style with Square Metal Tubing

Interior designers must possess an unlimited supply of creativity. They should keep an eye out for versatile materials with properties that work well with their designs. If you are an interior designer yourself, you can complete your projects in a novel way by using square metal tubing, a material that is cheap and easy to find when you know the right supplier.

End Tables

You have a variety of options to impress your clients as far as furniture goes. For a rustic look, you can use square metal tubing to create the base for end tables. The shape makes the frame durable and capable of supporting a lot of weight.

You can weld multiple pieces of tubing together to create sturdy, fashionable legs. The metal contrasts nicely with wood of any color. This tubing also comes in different sizes. Talk to your metal supplier about your specs so that you can find the perfect size for your clients’ pieces.

Garden Gates

Clients who have gardens will be pleased to know how this material can enhance their outdoor space. You can consider constructing a garden gate made out of square metal tubing. Use the square tubing as posts and then wrap chicken wire around them, creating a safe perimeter for gardens of any kind.

Railings for Stairs

 Add safety to a client’s home by installing metal square tubing along the staircase, creating a railing system. Choose a style of tubing that is thick so that it can support a lot of weight. Staining the tubing gives it a multi-colored look, making the railings a distinct feature for the house.


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