How Do Fabricators Use Copper Sheeting?

Being a fabricator often requires you to get creative with the materials you work with. Copper sheeting is a material that can be used for various purposes, thanks to its beneficial properties. Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of this versatile medium.


For the kitchen, you want the backsplash to be unique so that it becomes eye-catching and welcoming to guests. For your clients, you can achieve this effect with copper sheeting, a material that offers a striking appeal when the light hits it from different angles. This sheeting is also easy to cut and bend since it is so thin, allowing you to do a variety of customizations to it.

Before cutting or installing anything, first think about the gauge, or thickness, of your sheeting. There are several options, including 30 gauge, 26 gauge, and 24 gauge. The latter option is about as thick as a credit card and may be cut using metal snips.

Other Projects

Copper sheeting can also be used to complement other furnishings like wooden tables, glass mirrors, and antiques. Create a look that flows by using the copper sheeting as a border. Use thin strips so that they are easy to cut and bend around structures. Industrial glue works best when securing this sheeting to its base, and it gives the item a clean look.

Give your clients rooms a makeover by adorning their walls with copper. Since walls need to be durable and capable of lasting for as long as possible, you need copper sheeting that is thick. Finding the right copper sheet supplier makes it easy to get the materials you need for projects. You can specify your requirements as you sort through their copper styles and gauges to find one that works best.


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