A Touch of Bronze Elegance in the Bathroom

The use of bronze in interior design has become not only a practical choice nowadays, but also a very trendy one at that. Not only is the material highly accessible and cost-friendly, it also gives a subtle touch of class and elegance to your work.

As a designer, these are elements that you want to have in the material that you use for your projects. Clients do appreciate savings on material costs, after all, even if they say that budget is not going to be an issue. Of course, just make sure that you source your design materials for the bathroom, such as bronze tubes and sheets, from reputable and quality suppliers. That way, you can help your client save on material costs and perhaps use that savings somewhere else.

Affordable Luxury

If your client brief requires you to present a finished product that offers the very best available in terms of function and design, then adding bronze to your list of materials is definitely a must.

The warm, rich tone and color of bronze adds to the welcoming feel of the bathroom. Bronze fixtures, such as lighting accents, handrails, plumbing and piping fixtures will no longer appear drab and dreary and detract from the decor if you use bronze. Oil-rubbed pieces, especially, give it that touch of class that stylishly discerning clients prefer.

Rustic Approach

For a more rustic feel, though, bronze material can have additional texture with some patination. Make sure not to overdo it, though, otherwise it can easily cross the line between earthy and just plain dirty.

With high quality materials and your design skills and know-how, it should take no time at all to come up with a functional and aesthetic  bathroom design.


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