Different Types and Colors of Brass

If you are an engineer or in the construction business and you are looking forward to buy brass materials in bulk, then brass would be the best option for you. However, before you start buying, you need to know about the different types of brass available and their proportions. The latter play an important role in determining the overall strength and machinability of your material.

Red Brass

Red brass is one of the most common types of brass available that contains at least 85 percent of copper and 15 percent of zinc. Note that the higher the amount of copper is, the more resilient the brass alloy will be.

Yellow Brass

Yellow brass is another common type of brass available with up to 35 percent of zinc composition. It has a yellowish color, hence the name. This type of brass is not as sturdy as red brass, but it is easier to mold and cut, making it the best fit for certain applications.

Cartridge Brass

Cartridge brass comes with 30 percent zinc and 70 percent copper. It is called as such because this type was once widely used to make cartridges for firearms. Today, cartridge brass is also used in tubings, grilles, and radiator fittings.

Naval Brass

Naval brass comes with 39.7 percent zinc and is widely used for applications on ships. It also has a certain amount of tin in it to make it more resistant to corrosion especially in seawater.

Leaded Brass

Leaded brass is not actually a name used today but any brass with at least 40 percent zinc and 3.8 percent lead qualifies to be under this category.

These are just some of the different types of brass, each with its own properties. It is important that you get to know the type of brass you are buying from brass sales and its applications before investing in it.


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