Naval Brass: Unique Properties & Applications

As a builder or designer, you want to work with materials that are built to last in any type of environment. This gives you confidence and shows your level of craftsmanship. Achieve this for your projects by using naval brass, a material that has remarkable applications and traits.

Distinct Traits

Naval brass is widely used for different types of industries because of its unique traits. The most notable is its resistance to water. No matter how long this material is exposed to water, it will not rust or start to break down. It also has a high ductility that makes it great for electrical and thermal conductivity. With high impact strength, naval brass can retain its structure for years and years.


There are a wide variety of uses for this type of metal. For builders around the world, this brass can be used as brackets that hold structures together. These brackets can be placed in harsh environments because of their weatherproof design.

Naval brass also makes for a good type of fastener, whether you are looking to use nuts or washers for engines. Naval brass is often employed

for industrial use. Objects containing naval brass might include machine parts, pressure tight castings, bushings, bearing plates, and crank shafts.

Designed for machining, pressing, and hot forging, this metal is versatile, and it is durable enough to be used for a wide variety of things. When you find the right metal supplier, you can get naval brass by the bulk to help you enjoy its stand-out features.




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