Copper Sheeting for Fabricators

Being in the fabrication industry lets you create different structures for clients and yourself. Whether it is for bar stools or kitchen counter tops, one material that makes these projects stand out is copper sheeting.

Customizing Sheds

One area that tends to be commonplace is a shed, which may hold things like supplies and equipment. You can use copper sheeting to give this area a stylish appearance. Copper is great for a rustic look, and it is designed to hold up in extreme environments thanks to its waterproof and heat-resistant properties.

Copper sheeting also comes in different gauges, depending on the characteristics you are looking for. For instance, 26-gauge copper sheeting is thick enough to hold up on both the interior and exterior of the shed. Special cutting snips are often used to cut copper sheeting that is this thick.

Complimenting Wood Structures

Copper compliments wood structures quite nicely. It creates an eye-catching contrast that many have come to love. As a designer, there are different wood structures you can add copper sheeting to. Some might include coffee tables, nightstands, dressers, trunks, and bed frames.

There are also many ways to secure copper sheeting to these structures. They can be screwed in, or you can use liquid nails. It’s important to note that the sheeting should be installed as securely as possible.

Customizing structures is an art form, and you can enhance any type of structure you are working on with copper sheeting. Not only is it affordable, but you can also buy it in bulk. Locate a trusted copper sheet supplier and explore more design possibilities.


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