The Appeal of Working with Bronze Bars

Bronze is among the oldest and most widely used metals on the planet. Often mistaken for brass, this metal has been used for millennia and, in fact, named an era of human civilization. The reason is revealed by its plethora of amazing properties, which makes it very easy and interesting to work with. Continue reading


Tips for Finding the Right Brass Suppliers

If you are in the field of construction, architecture, or engineering, you know the importance of building relationships with the right brass suppliers. Since brass is an alloy, there are varying compositions of the metal, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Many suppliers would cheat you and sell you cheap quality brass that wouldn’t stand up to the task. Therefore, it is more than essential to make sure that the supplier you are working with is reputable. Continue reading

Engraving Brass and Other Metals: Starting Your Artisan Craft Business

More and more artisans are discovering the many various things they can do with brass. From artistic grillwork to bespoke jewelry and fixtures, it has consistently proven why it’s a highly preferred metal handiwork material.

Customized Art

One of the more popular activities that hobbyists turn to and eventually monetize is engraving brass plates. The great thing about this particular item is that engraving can easily be accomplished through a variety of methods.

Some use an etching kit, perfect for those who would like to be more traditional and hands-on in the application of an etch design on the brass plate or sheet. Others go for speed and efficiency in the process, and so prefers using a laser, although it may take more effort.

Different Types of Industries that Could Benefit from Brass Sales

Various industries make use of brass materials, whether for construction, design, or decoration. It is because of its unique characteristics of malleability, being rust-proof, and its versatility that makes brass such a coveted metal.

If you are thinking of getting into business with one of the industries below, consider one of your first tasks to be looking for a supplier who offers brass sales for wholesale purchases. It’s going to be that much more cost-efficient for you.

Interior Design

When it comes to this job, the important thing is to stick to the client’s vision as much as possible without sacrificing design feasibility and aesthetics. The interior designer will have to make sure to incorporate the requests of the client into their design, difficult and challenging though it may be.

The Importance of Sheet Metal Suppliers in Designing Light Fixtures

Creative lighting fixtures can easily become the focal point in any room. In fact, when there is a limited budget for renovation, the designer would usually invest on a good lighting piece while keeping the rest of the space minimalist. After all, a good design knows that it is important to draw attention toward the centerpiece of the room and away from other areas.

It is because of this quick-fix nature of lighting fixtures for interior design that many craftsmen and artisan are veering towards creating bespoke lighting fixtures. The more unique and interesting the design is, the better it will be for the improvement of the space.

Different Types and Colors of Brass

If you are an engineer or in the construction business and you are looking forward to buy brass materials in bulk, then brass would be the best option for you. However, before you start buying, you need to know about the different types of brass available and their proportions. The latter play an important role in determining the overall strength and machinability of your material. Continue reading

Copper and Brass Sales: How to Get Industrial Arts Program Supplies

Creating vocational courses can help in promoting creativity and entrepreneurship with the community. As an educational program, industrial arts provide the knowledge and the skills in the fabrication of wood and metal with the help of machines and various hand and power tools.

Benefits of Promoting Industrial Arts

The great thing about industrial arts is that students are able to handle and uses various materials like copper and brass. Coupled with the training on how to use the proper equipment, they can then transform these materials into other high quality products, whether these are jewelry, lighting fixtures, or other handicrafts.

Being able to practice these skills will help students create quality items, which they can then use to venture later on into manufacturing and retail businesses.