The Many Uses of Bronze Bars

Bronze is a type of alloy that has been widely used in constructing and decorating buildings due to its corrosion resistance, strength, and desirable weathering characteristics. This metal comes in a variety of alloys, making it useful for different applications.

Non-Industrial Uses of Bronze

Bronze’s  vintage appearance and durability make it a perfect material for making ornamental pieces. Many artisans choose this material for their cast and welded sculptures. Manufacturers of musical instruments also use bronze for making some of  their cymbals, piano parts, and guitar strings. Bronze is also used in making coins and medals, and is incorporated into decorative sheets found in many outdoor architectures.

Industrial Uses of Bronze

Since bronze is both ductile and malleable, it has many industrial uses, including welding.. Bronze is a great choice of filler when you are doing heterogenous welding of metals, thanks to its low-melt characteristic. Additionally, because of bronze’s low response to friction, it is commonly used for rotor liners in electric motors, springs and piston.

Bronze is also known for being spark-free when it is struck with other metals. This is why it is ideal for making hammers and other tools used in explosive or flammable environments. It is also used in making corrosion-resistant parts for machines. Marine environments, which pose very high corrosion risks, are where you usually see bronze-made items. Seawater piping are the best example of the components that are usually made of bronze.

If you’re in the hunt for bronze bars for your industrial or non-industrial works, check out suppliers that offer the highest quality bronze bars and pipes..


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