Bronze Tubing For Instruments Remains A Valuable Commodity

A use for bronze tubing that most consumers do not think about, yet has a worldwide application, is musical instrument manufacturing. Brass/wind instruments like trumpets, trombones, tubas, and French horns provide a way for the world community to enjoy great art, but have a specific need when it comes to their manufacturing.

High grade bronze tubing is absolutely necessary to construct the brass and wind instruments found everywhere from well-known orchestra groups, to community and junior high school bands. What would the Rose Bowl parade, or the President’s inauguration be without great sounding brass instrument fanfares?

The brass tubing used in the production of specialized instruments is considered a valuable commodity on the world economic stage. Recently, unpredictable market turns have greatly affected the brass tubing production industry. Though the value of bronze tubing and production have remained steady in domestic sectors, production costs have significantly gone down in Asian regions. This is why it is nearly impossible to find a US classroom without an overwhelming number of brass instruments that were made in countries like China and Japan. Fortunately, there is much more to producing fine music than the instrument’s manufacturing origin.

The number of US manufacturers of bronze tubing has decreased, but the remaining factories are alive and well. They specialize in tubing used by contractors, fabricators, furniture makers, electrical and plumbing specialists, and of course, musicians. Brilliant domestic bronze and brass tubing producers, create quality tubing and sheeting that adapt to modern markets. Musicians who are lucky enough to play and learn on instruments made from materials originating in these sources, have a “sound” advantage over everyone else.


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