Reasons for the Recent Increase in Brass Sales

Brass is a widely used alloy of copper and zinc. There is nothing new about its use. Brass has been in use for centuries for making monuments, pipes, and structures. There are a number of properties of brass that make it superior to other metals. Recently, with the entire fad of going green, brass sales have increased, owing to their production process that uses less energy and can recycle scrap brass easily.

The Only Green Alloy on the Planet

As unrealistic as it sounds, brass is truly considered a green alloy. If not completely organic, brass does not really require a lot of energy and scrap for production compared to other alloys. In addition, brass is highly durable which means products made from brass can last for centuries. Considering it is quite economical to produce and can last for years, and the fact that it requires less energy to be produced, brass is definitely among the top contenders when it comes to green metal alloys.

Brass has a Low Friction Rating

Among all the metal alloys available and produced today, brass has the lowest friction level, which is why it is highly suitable for moving parts of vehicles and other machineries. Note that brass is also fire resistant, adding to its popularity in use in areas where fire and friction can troublesome. Again, it’s fire-resistant and low friction properties make it environmental friendly.

Brass sales have shot up in the past decades, making it one of the most popular alloys of modern times to be used in construction, plumbing and electrical works.


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