Understanding Muntz Metal: MultiPurpose Alpha-Beta Brass and Its Uses

Considered to be a type of alpha-beta brass, Muntz Metal is composed of 60% copper, 40% zinc, and some traces of iron in its mix. Because of this, it is largely considered to be a stronger, harder, and more rigid kind of brass than others.

With its composition being able to form such hardiness, it therefore becomes ideal for use in forging, hot pressing, blanking, or forming and bending, particularly for architectural creations. It is also otherwise known as the yellow metal, but not to be confused with yellow gold.

How Muntz is Made

What makes this copper and zinc hybrid, invented by George Fredrick Muntz, very practical in various applications is that it is also very lightweight. It’s this combination of weight and strength that make it one of the more popular alloys among builders, engineers, and designers.


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