What you Need to Know about Naval Brass

Today, there are a lot of different metals on the market that are ideal to work with. One in particular that has all sorts of unique properties is naval brass. This metal is durable, and comes with a lot of other benefits as well.

Unique Construction

First, it’s important to know what naval brass is made of before using it. This type of brass is a copper alloy made up of copper, zinc and tin. Considered an alpha-brass, naval brass also contains a small amount of lead. The tin component is extremely important for naval purposes because it makes it corrosion-resistant. No matter how long this brass is exposed to water, it will maintain its structure.


There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of with naval brass. For example, the tin component of this brass helps it resist dealloying. This is important for it to maintain structure and while being used for important applications.

A lot of marine hardware workers enjoy working with this metal because of its durability. Naval brass is also relatively easy to find. All you need to do is find the right seller, either online or in person. If you decide to purchase online, make sure they offer quality metals and at an affordable price.

So whether you are looking to work with a durable metal or just want something that is designed to hold up in water, naval brass is ideal. You can find it at a lot of places, and its unique composition makes it great for all sorts of projects.


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