3 Kitchen Makeover Ideas Using Brass Sheet Metal and Brass Extrusions

The kitchen is truly the heart of any home. Countless memories are created and shared in here, whether it’s simply lounging around on a regular day or entertaining friends and family on special occasions. As such, a kitchen should always exude a warm, welcoming ambiance.

If you’ve been contracted for a kitchen makeover this year, take advantage of brass sheet metal for your design scheme. Here are three ways to incorporate this beautiful and durable material.


Bronze Sheet Metal and Bronze Bars: Seaworthy Merits for Boatbuilding

The call of the sea is impossible to resist. Imagine mile after mile of deep-blue water extending towards the horizon, plus the feeling of the sun on your skin and the hypnotic sound of waves.

There’s nothing quite like this experience. For some people, the temptation can be so strong, many people turn to building their own boats for sailing. If you’ve been bitten by the sailing bug and planning to build a boat for yourself or even turn your interest of building boats into a business, few metals can beat bronze when it comes to seaworthiness.

Bronze Tubing For Instruments Remains A Valuable Commodity

A use for bronze tubing that most consumers do not think about, yet has a worldwide application, is musical instrument manufacturing. Brass/wind instruments like trumpets, trombones, tubas, and French horns provide a way for the world community to enjoy great art, but have a specific need when it comes to their manufacturing. Continue reading

Reasons for the Recent Increase in Brass Sales

Brass is a widely used alloy of copper and zinc. There is nothing new about its use. Brass has been in use for centuries for making monuments, pipes, and structures. There are a number of properties of brass that make it superior to other metals. Recently, with the entire fad of going green, brass sales have increased, owing to their production process that uses less energy and can recycle scrap brass easily. Continue reading

Architectural Focus: Using Brass Cladding and Brass Tubing for Facades

During the 90’s, brass was largely forgotten; the minimalism of chrome and aluminum made these the metals of note for this period. Halfway through the 2010s, however, the bygone vintage years became an intense source of inspiration for many. Because of this, brass experienced a resurgence in the field of design, from engraving brass to large-scale industrial uses. Architects were right in the forefront of this brass renaissance.

Brass in Architecture

A growing number of architects are selecting brass as their top cladding material. Two popular reasons – its excellent weathering qualities and elegant, golden luster – are frequently cited. In London, for instance, you’ll find what’s dubbed as “Cadbury’s Crunchie.” It’s a sixties apartment refurbished by Make Architects. If you’re walking along the street, you might not immediately notice anything special in its façade.