The Right Design Choice with Bronze in Bathrooms

Many homeowners just don’t know how visually appealing it can be to have bronze in the bathroom for pipings and fixtures. There’s no denying, though, that there is a certain aesthetic benefit to using it for a touch of elegance.

Advantages of Bronze in Bathroom

Like other metallic alloys, bronze gives a glint of metallic beauty in a room. This is especially true for oil-rubbed bronze materials, which gives off a rustic appeal. It also helps that it can easily be matched and paired with other accessories.

More than that, however, interior designers highly recommend the use of bronze because functionality-wise, it’s durable and easy to clean and maintain. While other finishes are prone to water spots or fingerprints, homeowners do not have to deal with that problem with their bronze bathroom fixtures. Also, because it’s easy to clean, it’s less likely to accumulate dirt and grime, which can eventually lead to mold and bacteria.

Aging with Grace

Perhaps one of the most unique properties of bronze is that it can still take on a beautiful look even as it ages. Should you decide to use oil-rubbed bronze for your client’s bathroom faucet, make sure to inform them about how the air quality and water splashes affect the color patina of the material.

The same effect could be had for bronze tubes or pipings, should you decide to go for the uniform look. With these characteristics, it’s not hard to see why bronze is an easy design choice to make.



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