The Features of Brass That Make It an Appealing Buy

Brass is now making a comeback from the ‘70s, making its way back into modern and contemporary homes. Its properties, along with its aesthetic appeal, has made it popular among interior designers.

A Reminder of the Pre-Digital Era

Brass exudes a classic feel and touch. It’s gold-like, classic color gives an old-time feel when people didn’t have computers and things were a lot simpler. When brass is included in design schemes, it also adds a zing of romance.

According to the designer Michael S. Smith, brass has a history of making a space “feel unbelievably classic.” This classic touch provides a romantic feeling to the room owners—a feeling similar to being inside Titanic.

Can Be Mixed With Other Metals

Brass, silver, gold, bronze, and copper can actually coexist in any space you place them. Brass and gold is one way to add warmth to a room, and both colors exude elegance and sophistication. Silver accents are also a fantastic way to add a modern touch to the classic feel of brass. All of these tones complement each other.

Organic Modernism

Brass is a significant part of what designers have termed “organic modernism.” This refers to a luxurious, more textured appearance for a particular space or building. It is based on natural materials such as stone, wood, and leather. Brass completes the entire organic modernism look, because of its unique appearance and tone.


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