Brass Channel: Various Uses For Design

A brass channel is a commonly used metal part that is popular due to its durability and affordability. It is applied in a variety of industries. Brass channels come in various types and are usually named after their shapes. The most common ones are U-channels, C-channels, and H-channels. Brass channels are also used in a variety of interior designing processes.

As Continuous Bottom Guide Channel

A top-hung straight sliding timber door must have a guide at the bottom in order to prevent it from moving sideways and, thus, avoiding damage to its top track and trolley hangers. Brass channels can be used as a guide at the bottom of the sliding door.

The brass channel should have a length equal to that of the top track. Using this, the sliding door is held firmly in place and lateral movements are made impossible.

For Lining Up Window Glasses

Glasses can be framed with brass channels providing them with a decorative lining. A brass channel can provide a classic, gold-like look to a window’s lining. It is best used for wide, square-shaped windows since it provides a medium of separation between one window and another. The separation of window glasses provides a modular appearance within the area.

As A Frame For Screens

Folding screens can also be lined up with brass channels to hold them in place. The brass channel gives a modular look to the screens while adding a protective mechanism to their designs.


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