Evoke a Vintage Feel with Brass Design Elements

Vintage designs, whether made from brass or other metals, are in a world of their own. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, bring back memories, and exude a sense of warmth. On top of these, vintage pieces have a way of giving spaces a memorable identity. If you love these qualities, the use of brass in design applications is a wonderful way to invoke a retro feel.

Engrave designs into brass plates

With just an engraving tool and steady hands, you are ready to engrave your own designs into brass plates. Perhaps you have a favorite quote, or maybe you have a symbol that holds a special meaning for you. Choose a shape you want for your brass plate, then engrave your design on it. Once you are done, pick a perfect spot on your wall to hang your newest conversation piece.

Place brass trim around your furniture

Transform basic furniture pieces by placing brass trims around them. For instance, you can make your coffee tables and fireplace mantles pop with the use of brass angle products. In addition, window moldings can become artistic parts of your space when surrounded by brass angles.

These are just a few of the many creative ways that brass can be used to make a vintage design statement. In addition, brass sales are a great way to stay cost-efficient while getting the pieces you need. Whether you want to evoke a retro feel in your home or in a commercial space, the warm, metallic sheen of brass elements is a sure way to make it a place that people will remember and enjoy for years to come.


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