Lacquered Brass Guide

Lacquered brass is a chosen material for many manufacturers because it doesn’t tarnish easily. Although the coating is clear, it protects the metal’s surface by creating a strong seal that blocks air currents.

When a lacquered coating is applied onto a brass material, the color of the metal isn’t affected during the application process. After the coating sets, the metal surfaces won’t need to be polished.

Many brass suppliers work with companies that use lacquer because the coating benefits local clients. If a consumer wants to remove a lacquered coating off of a brass product, the removal process is very simple. A typical homeowner can dissolve the coating quickly and easily by using a lacquer remover, a soft cloth, and soapy water.


Although a lacquered seal provides great protection, you must follow a few steps to preserve the coating. The material will deteriorate if you store the brass in an environment that has a lot of moisture, dust, and insects. However, whenever the lacquer breaks down, you can easily re-lacquer the entire product.

How to Restore Old Brass

To clean a lacquered piece of brass, you must buff the surfaces gently with a piece of steel wool. Then, rub warm, soapy water on the metal with a soft rag. You shouldn’t use hot water because the heat will destroy the lacquered coating. If there is any dirt in a narrow spot, remove it with an old toothbrush.


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