Residential Brass Doors

Many home improvement stores that sell doors are stocking their warehouses with brass supplies because brass is beautiful and strong. This is why most homeowners choose brass hardware during home renovation projects in Brooklyn.

Brass is Appealing

Brass stands out because it’s made of Copper and Zinc, which are glossy and shiny alloy materials. If polished regularly, brass can maintain its mirror-like finish for decades. Overall, brass supplies benefit local supply stores because the alloys match the décor in traditional houses and modern homes.

Brass is Strong

If your clients need a material that doesn’t scratch, brass is a great choice since it’s a hard metal. When compared to other materials, brass lasts much longer because it’s heat resistant and doesn’t damage easily. The material is also non-corrosive, so it won’t rust if rain constantly contact the surfaces.

Although brass will tarnish, the process of cleaning the metal is very easy since that surfaces aren’t susceptible to moisture damage. If the hardware blemishes, consumers can buff the stains away with a special cleaning product.

Key Considerations

Brass is more expensive than plated steel and aluminum because it’s a quality material. Since brass is durable, your customers won’t have to replace the hardware periodically.

When shopping for brass supplies, you must understand how to choose actual brass materials. If a product is plated, it will look like brass; however, it may have a sticker that states that the metal isn’t made out of quality alloys.


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