Furniture Needs Brass Hardware

If you run a business that sells furniture, you may want to consider investing in brass hardware. Brass is valuable because it’s consistent, stylish, safe, and efficient.


Brass hardware is made from a consistent base material. As a result, brass accessories last longer because the finishes adhere better during the manufacturing process.


Since brass cabinet accessories are strong and durable, knobs and hinges remain elegant and shiny throughout the year. If you choose brass material that is turned and forged, your customers will benefit because the hardware will have a much smoother finish.


Families prefer brass accessories because the surfaces are easier to maintain. If germs gather on the hardware, a damp cloth can removed the bacteria. Since brass is made of a copper alloy, cleansers or soaps won’t be needed during the cleaning process.


If you stock brass hardware at your store, your customers will have more renovation options. A brass manufacturer can mold the metal into various shapes, so you can request brass products for customers who have a classic or modern home. In the kitchen, brass hardware stands out as knobs and handles on drawers and cabinet doors. Brass latches work well on modern furniture because the glossy coating makes the fixtures more appealing.

Overall, brass hardware is worth considering because it’s a cost-effective option. If you buy zinc hardware, you’ll pay 40 percent more for a metal that’s less durable.


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