Using Brass for Shower Framing

Some homeowners may have ideas about fixing up their bathroom, specifically the shower area. Ideas for this may include adding glass frames to cover the place. Further accentuation may be possible by acquiring a brass channel set.


Brass channels are classified by their cross section shapes that look similar to letters. The most common of these are the C-Channel, J-channel, and the U-channel.

The Shower

U-Channels are highly workable for shower glass frames. They are meant to be set up at a predetermined section of the shower area that’s smooth and will help the glass achieve a perfect fit. The prime consideration for this is that the entire frame must be accurately measured to help the remodeler cut the required sections of brass channels precisely. The channels’ pitting will also have to be deep enough to securely hold the glass panels, and wide enough to account for their thickness and the penetration of the silicone glue gel.

The Door

Your brass channels may also be used for the contact linings of the shower door, specifically the vertical area that almost makes contact with the sill. The channel may be flashy but must stay clear of the door’s full range of motion as to prevent scraping the sill.


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