Why Companies Use Bronze Tube When Building

Bronze is a copper alloy that is used in a number of different construction activities. Its beautiful rich color and its high strength make it a go-to building material for contractors that are trying to make a bold statement with their builds. From doors and window frames to trim and hardware, bronze tube is used in many different capacities on a construction site.

Bronze tubing is an especially good choice in moist climates due to the fact that it does not rust or corrode as easily as other metals can. This is also one of the reasons why bronze tube is a popular choice with ship builders. The material is a good building component for environments that may be slightly acidic.

Bronze tube is a cost-effective building material that is malleable. Builders are able to shape it into intricate designs and patterns that can be used to add a dramatic touch or flair to a building. Bronze’s beautiful color makes it stand out from other building materials.

There are three types of bronze that are found at various construction sites throughout the country. Commercial bronze and architectural bronze are the two types that are most often used in construction. Architectural bronze has a 90% copper and 10% zinc blend that is a good choice for many outdoor uses. Commercial bronze is a leaded brass that has a slightly different color and hue. The hardness of bronze tubing makes it a good choice for sweeping angles in construction.


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