Copper: Stylish, Lovely, and Good for Your Health

The popularity of copper in architectural applications is on the rise. Coincidentally, there are also studies available about how effective copper surfaces have proven to be in reducing the transmission of infection within hospital settings. These studies show that copper fixtures help protect patients from infections, even very serious ones, and under rather extreme conditions, such as seriously ill patients confined to the ICU.

This combination of style trend plus research may be an opportunity for Architectural designers working on residential and commercial projects to spread good health. Armed with some good design ideas and a copper sheet supplies, designers can use this germ killing metal on surfaces in non-hospital settings, to good effect. Taking a cue from how they were used in medical facilities, the antimicrobial properties of copper can help reduce the transmission of germs when used on high traffic surfaces, such as light switches or stair rails.

Designers can potentially target individuals with health issues or businesses where public health is a concern, such as restaurants, and educate their prospective clients about the health benefits of designing with copper. Alternatively, they can just keep in mind the added health value of copper while they sell clients on the beauty and style of this natural material.

Copper is a pricy option for architectural fixtures. This is an opportunity to upsell clients based on the added value. It’s a chance to do well while doing good.


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