Common Applications for Naval Brass Products

Naval brass is a sub-type of brass that was originally created for use in maritime applications. This kind of alpha beta brass is well known for its high level of resistance to corrosion and its durability under high-pressure conditions, such as near the bottom of the sea floor. Developed in the early 1900s, naval brass consists of about 33 percent zinc, 65 percent copper, 1 percent tin and trace amounts of lead for additional malleability.

Ship Hardware
The most common application for naval brass is for ship hardware. It is used in a ship’s condensers, as it is able to withstand the exposure to all of the minerals that are present in sea water. These pieces can be exposed to extreme cold, which is also present in the deep seas.

Boiler Systems
Naval brass is also used in boiler systems. It can handle mineral-laden hard water that could be a problem for other types of brass. The naval brass will not corrode even when exposed to other minerals in the water, such as iron or chloride.

Industrial Systems
The high tensile strength of naval brass makes it a good choice for use in industrial systems. It can be used for pressing and forging of other metals. Bushings and wear strips are also made of naval brass. Fasteners are another common material made from naval brass, and these can be used on exterior applications such as affixing pipes to a building.


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