Brass Suppliers as Allies in Fighting Harmful Microbes? Study Says Yes

For so long, standard brass sheet metal suppliers, such as Rotax Metals, have made their business thrive due to the popularity of brass itself as a sublime décor. As an architectural embellishment, brass is heralded for its high-class look, top-notch corrosive resistance, and its workability in terms of joining, plating, polishing, and finishing. Several scientists, however, have discovered one specific quality of brass that goes beyond simple aesthetics.

In a study published in the journal Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, researchers from Southampton University in the U.K. have found that copper and its alloys exhibit excellent antimicrobial properties, after observing bacterial DNA samples rapidly degrade on the metals’ surfaces even at room temperature. The longevity of potentially harmful bacteria have been observed on surfaces such as stainless steel before, but compared to copper and copper alloys, bacteria stay for hours on the former and die within mere minutes on the latter.


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