Metal in the Home: Creative Custom Highlights

Custom metal work is often sought out by builders and manufacturers who can’t find exactly what they need. Custom metal work can be a great asset for your home, as well, although homeowners often overlook this material when planning their home decor. Here are a few ways customized metal pieces, from brass channels to bronze extrusions, can enhance your living space.


Stair banisters are primarily thought of as a safety precaution, but metal banisters can provide safety and beauty at the same time. Various shapes and designs can be built into the metal work to make a banister as simple or intricate as desired. In many houses the banister can be easily seen from the living space, so an artistic piece that marries form and function can really change the look of a home.


Metal tables made of brass, bronze, and copper can all serve as beautiful accent pieces. Metal tables last a long time and can include other elements to add texture and visual interest to the pieces. A metal coffee table frame, for example, can be paired with a glass tabletop to create a functional yet beautiful piece.


If you need to cover an unattractive radiator or vent, consider doing so with a custom metal piece. Metal is safe to use near heaters and other sources of heat and custom covers can be made much more attractive than the handful of choices available at the local hardware store.

Get Creative

Metal is a versatile material, so the ways you can use it to enhance your home are limited only by your imagination. From furniture, to fencing to cabinet doors, custom metal pieces make great accents


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