Copper as an Art Piece

Copper’s innate beauty makes it a fine choice as an art material. Sometimes, an artist’s meticulous tinkering can transform the material into a fine piece de résistance. Turning the material into a work of art is made possible with a little imagination, and the right copper sheet supplier.

Contemporary artists like Karina Keri-Matuszak have been using the old way of painting on a copper sheet and giving the old practice new life. When working her magic on copper, she paints as though she works on a regular canvas. If you plan to follow suit, there are, however, some considerations to keep in mind when working with copper sheets as canvas.

Most important of all, colors tend to run when the copper is too wet, yet if you can find a way to work around this, you can certainly achieve an attractive effect. Keri-Matuszak is just among the many contemporary American artists utilizing copper and its aesthetic properties to create a stunning work of art.

Copper isn’t only being used for both contemporary and classic paintings. Most artists use copper sheets to create embossed art expressions, wherein a figure or an artistic design is etched and/or embossed in copper. Others craft an artistic furniture, wherein copper sheets are infused in discarded or damaged furniture to transform them into a work of art. Some artists even opt to incorporate copper sheets in a mixed-media collage on a foam or canvas.


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