Bronze: A Metal with Impressive Properties

Bronze, usually in the form of bars or sheets, has a lot of uses. This is because the copper alloy has several useful properties. Here are a couple of them.

Corrosion Resistance

Copper alloys like bronze are used in open environments where it can get exposed to the various elements. This is because bronze is highly resistant to corrosion, unlike other metals like steel. It doesn’t rust as much in extreme water conditions, or when exposed to organic chemicals. That is why you’ll see many ancient metal works made of bronze still standing today.

 Tensile Strength

Bronze is one of copper’s many alloys. In itself, copper is relatively malleable and soft but with the addition of a few essential elements, it takes the sturdier form of other metal alloys like bronze. Bronze, on the other hand, is capable of tensile strength of up to 85,000 pounds per square inch. Still, despite its strength, bronze remains a pliable material. When subjected to a proportionate amount of force, it can still be bent, stretched, and manipulated to any desired shape.

 For these reasons and more, bronze is one of the most sought-after metal type in modern industries, used and desired by sculptors, furniture manufacturers, construction workers, architects, and many other metal workers, craftsmen, designers, and other professionals.


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