Brass Sheet Metal: An Important Industrial Material

Modern industry uses a lot of metal both as a raw material and as part of the production process. One of the more widely used ones is brass.

In general, brass is known to be ductile and malleable, relatively easy to cast, and easy to form into shapes. This makes brass sheet metal valuable in parts manufacturing. Brass also gets some uses in the electrical field because it’s a good conductor of both heat and electricity, as well as resistant to wear and spark. Like its main component copper, brass has bacteriostatic properties. Thus, it’s used for healthcare facilities and bathroom fixtures as well.

You can also commonly hear brass used as a material for musical instruments. This is due to its interesting acoustic properties. Then, there’s the love it receives from artists and architects because of its aesthetic attributes.

Perhaps the foremost quality that comes to mind when it comes to brass is its ability to stave off corrosion. Brass doesn’t need additional protection from corrosion as it’s inherently resistant. With the combination of strength, formability, and corrosion resistance, brass will continue to be a useful material across many applications within the foreseeable future.

Brass suppliers provide the alloy in many shapes and sizes for use in many applications. Suppliers actually make it a point to have a wide variety of sizing and shape options for various industries.


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