Easy Tips for Cleaning Brass

Brass is a beautiful metal that when used as an architectural element or décor can make the immediate surroundings look elegant. Brass, just like other metals, may tarnish after some time. Before cleaning, it’s necessary to identify whether the item is made from pure brass, or just some polish on its surface. Use a magnet to test for these properties wherein magnets don’t stick on pure brass. Care for the brass item you just bought with the following tips.

Use Soft Scrubbing Cloths
Metal bristled brushes or steel wool can scratch the surface of the brass thereby leaving some marks. This makes the item lose its beauty and elegance. Always consult with professionals who deal in brass sales for information regarding the best items for cleaning brass.

Salt and Lemon Cleaning
Cut a lemon into two and remove all seeds. Place some salt on the cut half then use it to rub the surface of the brass. After rubbing the whole surface of the brass, take a cloth then buff with a dry cloth. Wait for about 30 minutes then rinse the surface with warm water. This is a natural method that does not require the use of expensive chemicals.

Tarnish Protection
Mineral oil retards the oxidation process and helps to keep the brass surface shining; however, be careful not to overcoat as this could attract dirt, something that would make the surface of the metal to lose its usual good appearance.


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