Taking Home Remodeling a Step Further

Professionals in the home remodeling field enjoy a vast array of material choices to work with. Needless to say, savvy professionals will have encountered copper or brass square metal tubing in their line of work. They will be well aware that new home constructions can benefit from such a material as a portion of their structural support and parts.

In modern home designs, silver and gold are not the only metals that glitter. Polished brass has become a more conventional alternative, not only because it mimics the properties of the more precious metals, but also because it is usually more cost effective.

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Standing Tall Against the Sea

Marine engineering is one of the more complicated technical sciences around – and part of the education for it is learning which materials are used in nautical vessels. Naval brass is one of them.

In the naval industry, brass is valued for its unmatched resistance to seawater corrosion. To suit marine environments, small amounts of other elements are added to brass to boost its performance, mostly for better corrosion resistance and durability. Higher zinc content, for instance, increases the alloy’s strength, while tin and arsenic improve its resistance against dezincification, a normal corrosive reaction in seawater.

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Copper as an Art Piece

Copper’s innate beauty makes it a fine choice as an art material. Sometimes, an artist’s meticulous tinkering can transform the material into a fine piece de résistance. Turning the material into a work of art is made possible with a little imagination, and the right copper sheet supplier.

Contemporary artists like Karina Keri-Matuszak have been using the old way of painting on a copper sheet and giving the old practice new life. When working her magic on copper, she paints as though she works on a regular canvas. If you plan to follow suit, there are, however, some considerations to keep in mind when working with copper sheets as canvas.

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Working With Bronze: Why Choose It?

Bronze is one of the oldest alloys and has been around since 2500 B.C. Its enduring popularity is because of its many useful properties. Here are three of them:

 Malleability – Malleability allows certain metals to be pounded into either thin or flat sheets without tearing. Since bronze is an alloy mainly of copper and tin, it essentially has two of the most malleable metals there is. This is why bronze is a pretty popular art material, used by countless sculptors worldwide.

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Noted Brooklyn Artisan Sources Bronze Bars for Decor from Rotax Metals

Rotax Metals, one of the country’s leading suppliers of bronze bars and extrusions, is proud to announce that the works of its customer, Vallessa Monk, have been recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The 48-year old Brooklyn-based metal sculptor was discovered for her unique furniture designs. With tools for bending, hammering, and texturing, Ms. Monk creates bespoke and elegant window grilles, tables, planters, stairs, banister and other furnishings out of steel and bronze sourced from our very own inventory.

“For AKA’s Central Park and Sutton Place properties, Ms. Monk used her signature technique of giving steel surfaces a dramatic patina by applying chemicals either cold by hand-held cloth, or hot via a torch to make ‘the color blossom’”, the Wall Street Journal article noted. AKA is a collection of luxury extended-stay residences and condominiums with properties in different states.

When Engraving Brass Plaques with Laser Beams is a Workable Solution

Plaques are common gifts at any testimonial event or official unveiling. Such items help honor the person of the hour or a milestone. Creating one in the first place, however, can entail using some special techniques, such as laser devices to make the desired labelling on the plaque, which may be made of engraved brass.

In an article for the Engravers Journal, writer Jennifer McCready said the addition of brass as an engraving material can break the monotony of using a certain type of material time and again. It’s even better if you source the base material from a company like Rotax Metals, Inc,

Going to a Company Doing Brass Sales to Acquire Bar Foot Rail Tubes

When a contractor is tasked to remodel a small physical space into a bar, extensive ideas in bar design come into play and every feature you can think of can be included. Foot rails are often taken into the equation, given the height and size of the bar top itself. Getting the brass materials you need, though, can be done through brass sales specialists such as Rotax Metals.

Parts Sourcing

Foot bar rails consist of the attachment brackets, the long tubes and the end caps. The tubes you can find at your brass supplier will normally come in lengths of 144 inches or 12 feet. The diameters and thicknesses for each piping product also differ, while the thickness and the material should also enable the piping to withstand wear and tear and the weight of the patrons’ feet even if they are lightly stepping on the railing.