Choosing the Right Square Metal Tubing for Bending

Metal tubing is used for many different applications like mechanical, industrial, construction, and even public artworks. Square metal tubing is probably one of the most useful metal products available to professionals today. You can use them for additional support and protection to structures. The material is also a highly versatile material to work with. With the right tools, you can cut and bend it to your preferred specifications. However, if you want to get the best results when you bend a piece of tubing, you should choose based on these categories.

Metal Type

Some metals are not very malleable and will produce poor results when you try to bend them. If you plan bending metal tubing for your project, you should carefully choose the right metal type. For instance, copper is among one of the most malleable types of metal around. As alloys of copper, brass and bronze are also good materials to work with.


Many suppliers provide different sizes for their metal tubing. Size plays an important role for bending. A larger size of tubing bent down to a smaller radius tends to have more distortion on the surface. Select a size based on the degree and radius of bend required for your project.

Wall Thickness

Metal tubing is also available in varieties of wall thickness. Thicker and heavier walls mean a tighter bend radius and more room for stretching with less distortion.


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