What You Need to Know about Brass Sales

Brass is a popular type of metal alloy that is used for everything from light manufacturing projects to furniture production, boat building, and more. It is affordable, lightweight, durable, and functional, which lends to its popularity. Most metal suppliers offer brass sales to their customers due to how in-demand the material is. However, before you make a purchase, consider these points.

Not All Brass is the Same
Brass is a composite material that includes both zinc and copper. The addition of zinc to the copper material makes it stronger and more durable than copper alone, and this is a leading reason why it is usually chosen over copper in many situations. However, the amount of zinc and copper in the alloy material can vary, so not all brass is the same. You may consider learning more about the composition of the brass you are purchasing before you place your order.

Different Products Available for Unique Needs
Many metal suppliers that carry brass will carry a limited selection, but some have many different types to meet various needs. For example, a top metal supplier may have angles, coils, extrusions, channels, sheets, tubes, and rods in various lengths and sizes to accommodate your requirements.

When you are in the market to purchase brass, you will need to source quality materials from a great supplier. As you look for the right products, pay attention to the aforementioned factors.


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