Choosing the Right Square Metal Tubing for Bending

Metal tubing is used for many different applications like mechanical, industrial, construction, and even public artworks. Square metal tubing is probably one of the most useful metal products available to professionals today. You can use them for additional support and protection to structures. The material is also a highly versatile material to work with. With the right tools, you can cut and bend it to your preferred specifications. However, if you want to get the best results when you bend a piece of tubing, you should choose based on these categories.

Metal Type

Some metals are not very malleable and will produce poor results when you try to bend them. If you plan bending metal tubing for your project, you should carefully choose the right metal type. For instance, copper is among one of the most malleable types of metal around. As alloys of copper, brass and bronze are also good materials to work with.


Many suppliers provide different sizes for their metal tubing. Size plays an important role for bending. A larger size of tubing bent down to a smaller radius tends to have more distortion on the surface. Select a size based on the degree and radius of bend required for your project.

Wall Thickness

Metal tubing is also available in varieties of wall thickness. Thicker and heavier walls mean a tighter bend radius and more room for stretching with less distortion.


Why Naval Brass Is Used for Marine Applications

Naval brass is designed to be exceptionally strong and to resist corrosion. It is an alloy that is made of 39.2 percent zinc, 0.75 percent tin, and the remaining 60 percent copper. Naval brass has been used for many years in the construction of marine vessels. It is suitable for use in saltwater or freshwater.

Due to its durability and its ability to resist corrosion, naval brass is often a main component of propeller shafts. It is also used for decorative fittings and other marine hardware. Naval brass is used in the different structural parts of marine vessels, including heat exchanger tubes and valve stems.

One aspect that gives naval brass its strength is the addition of the 0.75 percent tin. Brass that is used in non-naval applications does not include tin; instead, it is an alloy made of zinc and copper. Adding tin to the mixture makes naval brass resistant to dezincification.

Dezincification is a process where one of the components of an alloy is removed via corrosion. This is a problem that was first recognized in the brass tubes that ships had for condensers around the year 1920. Since 1920, many different alloys have been created to prevent the de-alloying of metal, one of which has been naval brass.

While naval brass is primarily used on marine hardware, it is also used in other applications. Some bushings are designed with naval brass because of its higher tensile strength and resistance to wear.

Find the Copper Roll for Your Next Project

Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or finish some of the flashing on the exterior of your house, copper is an exciting building material that should not be overlooked. Copper is a versatile metal that is highly desired due to its durability, malleability, and gradation of thicknesses. Aside from these characteristics, there are other advantages to using this material.

Simple Elegance

If you want to add a little bit of spice to your fireplace, you can wrap the facing of the fireplace in copper. The beautiful color that is added as a result of the natural occurring patina adds another dimension to copper’s versatility.

Affordable in Bulk

When you buy your copper in a roll, you can get bulk discounts that can help lower the overall price of your project. Copper sheets also ensure the integrity of the patina in the sample that you are working with. A good copper sheet supplier will have the product available in a number of different lengths, widths, and gauges (thicknesses). Sheets are also usually available as samples to help you check if the look of a particular pattern is right for you.

When the time comes to start your next renovation project, you should think of ways to incorporate copper into your project. Buying copper sheets is easy and pain-free when you find a copper sheet supplier that is used to working with today’s homeowners.

The Golden Benefits of Bronze Rod

Bronze is one of the most versatile metals made today. An alloy of copper and other metals, bronze is stronger than many other metals. Bronze is ideal for use in many different situations including in construction, automobiles, and in domestic uses like furniture making and jewelry. Here are three benefits of bronze compared to other metals:

High Temperatures

Bronze can withstand high temperatures, which makes it durable in the manufacturing process and when it is in use. This makes it great for many industries including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, and even the aerospace industry. In engineering and manufacturing environments, the most common form of bronze in use is bronze rod.

Withstands Corrosion

Bronze withstands corrosion unlike many other metals especially when it is exposed to seawater. The level of corrosion is especially low compared to many types of steel. Its ability to stand up to an abrasive environment makes it great for use in electric motors. It is also able to deal with friction quite well, and hence, bronze is an ideal metal to use in bearing, as well as gear components.

Cost Effective

Although it is more expensive than some other metals on the market, bronze’s durability makes it a cost effective purchase. It requires less maintenance than other metals and it is also recyclable.

As a metal that can stand up to the demands of manufacturing while still being cost effective, it is no surprise that bronze rod is one of the most in-demand metals today.

Bronze Make All the Difference in a Home

Metal, used in different settings, makes all the difference in many home designs. Builders often use bronze because it offers an antique look while being very durable. One of the many uses for bronze fixtures and other bronze items is on prefabricated houses that have a more utilitarian look. Even though many homeowners like the functionality of these types of homes, they may want changes that help give their abodes a distinctive look. Bronze comes in handy in these situations.

Fixtures Can Make or Break a Look

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures featuring Venetian bronze exude a stylish aura that is the envy of many homeowners. When bronze fixtures are part of a gourmet-style kitchen, the entire room looks more inviting and is sure to please all visitors; Tuscan-style and French Country style kitchens often feature this look. Many homeowners are willing to give bronze fixtures for their bathrooms a try, especially because of the air of sophistication the material provides.

Other Uses for Bronze 

One of the advantages of bronze is the fact that it is useful for so many settings. It is not uncommon for bronze to be used in outdoor sculptures, especially those used in a garden or on a patio. Bronze is also less likely to wear than many other types of materials and blends very well with other furniture or outdoor decor.

Getting Great Deals from Your Brass Supplier

Whether you are looking for brass supplies and materials for personal projects and hobbies or you need to purchase brass components for your business, you do not want to spend more than necessary on the materials. Likewise, you do not want to get lower quality brass or waste time trying to find the parts that you need. You want to get a great deal from your brass supplier on the parts you are looking for, and you can accomplish this goal by focusing on a few points.

The right brass supplier is one that has the parts you are looking for. Therefore, as a first step, you should focus on finding the suppliers that have parts you may need now and in the future. Such parts may include tubes, channels or even sheets of brass.

Afterwards, take a closer look at the products to learn more about the composition of the brass. All brass is made out of copper and zinc, and the zinc is added to strengthen the copper. Identify the composition that is best suited for your needs, and look for a supplier that has this particular composition available. From this point, you can compare prices to find the best deal on the products that meet your needs.

While there may be numerous metal suppliers that you can work with, not all suppliers have the same quality of products or prices. If you want to get a great deal from a trusted supplier, keep these tips in mind.

What You Need to Know about Brass Sales

Brass is a popular type of metal alloy that is used for everything from light manufacturing projects to furniture production, boat building, and more. It is affordable, lightweight, durable, and functional, which lends to its popularity. Most metal suppliers offer brass sales to their customers due to how in-demand the material is. However, before you make a purchase, consider these points.

Not All Brass is the Same
Brass is a composite material that includes both zinc and copper. The addition of zinc to the copper material makes it stronger and more durable than copper alone, and this is a leading reason why it is usually chosen over copper in many situations. However, the amount of zinc and copper in the alloy material can vary, so not all brass is the same. You may consider learning more about the composition of the brass you are purchasing before you place your order.

Different Products Available for Unique Needs
Many metal suppliers that carry brass will carry a limited selection, but some have many different types to meet various needs. For example, a top metal supplier may have angles, coils, extrusions, channels, sheets, tubes, and rods in various lengths and sizes to accommodate your requirements.

When you are in the market to purchase brass, you will need to source quality materials from a great supplier. As you look for the right products, pay attention to the aforementioned factors.