In-Demand Products from Copper Sheet Suppliers

A reliable copper sheet supplier should be able to provide contractors and clients with several different types of copper for use in varied commercial and industrial applications. Copper is a very versatile and efficient material, one that can be worked into varying alloys, each of which will have unique properties and uses. Here are two of the following types of copper that are almost always sought out from reliable suppliers.

Electrolytic tough pitch copper, which is known as ETP, is one of the most commonly available copper alloys. It is often chosen for sensitive machinery and technology because of its high conductivity and ability to resist all types of wear. It is commonly used for the production of rods, plates, wires, strips, and sheets. Because of its versatility and strength, it is often chosen for gear connections, circuit breakers, and other types of power feed systems that require high electrical conductivity.

Rolled copper roofing is also commercially in demand, applied to all types of roofing systems and building installations. Copper sheets have been used for rooftop constructions for over a century. Because of their unique and decorative appearance, they are popular for use in homes, while also developing a pleasing green patina on its surface over time.


The copper-based roofing product is also a very economical material that can outperform many other basic types of roofing systems. It is ideal for homes in areas that need to resist corrosion of structural surfaces from the effects of harsh climate and erratic weather.


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