All About Brass Channels

Here are some information about brass channel materials that may be useful to you in sourcing suppliers for your needs:

Channel: Types & Applications

A channel is the most commonly requested and used roll-formed metal part. There are different kinds of metal channels, like aluminum channels, stainless steel channels and brass channels. Channels can be a phrase for many differently shaped metal profiles. Most widely used categories used in channels are the J-channel and U-channel, Strut Channel & C-Channel, both Square & Rectangular Channels.

Channels are used in various industries and applications, such as protective covers, framing & frames, protective edge inserts, girts, stiffeners, trims, decoration, brackets, cladding, ring and clamp tracks, posts, supports, reinforcements, railings, rims, purlins, subgirts, and slides.

Brass Channel: Advantages & Applications

Its affordability and durability make brass channels extremely useful to various industries. Since its quality is not compromised and it is not pricey, it is the most preferred channel type for use in industrial applications.

Brass channels are non-magnetic, especially since they are widely used in electrical equipment. Modern decorative materials use brass metal because it can be toned into different colors. Brass channels can withstand freezing temperatures and don’t crack easily, and have excellent fire-resistant qualities, making them the preferred contractor by industrial designers, lighting manufacturers, businesses, and metal fabricators.


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