Clean Your Brass Items with These Tips

Brass is a popular metal for cookware, jewelry, and other musical instruments. An alloy of copper and zinc, the metal is shiny and attractive, though it can easily get tarnished.

If you think that polishing your tarnished brass pieces is difficult, fear not. You can use an array of safe, natural cleaners you can easily find around your home. Continue reading


Crafting Brass Round Tube Products into a New RC Boat Drive Shaft

Brass can be a fine material to use for a number of hobby projects, including drive shafts for remote-controlled boats. Bill Zumwalt of the RC boat portal Old River Bill’s RC Towboats said that a round brass tube works for drive shafts but only after an extensive amount of work done. He warned, however, that such a setup is only applicable to RC ships or workboats.
Any way you put it, hobbyists who have the skill to customize and upgrade will be able to turn simple crafts into serious pieces of workmanship. That may be possible if you source a modest part of your materials from companies such as Rotax Metals Inc.

When the Statue of Liberty Nearly Fell…

You probably knew that the Statue of Liberty wasn’t green to begin with. This was the result of decades of exposing copper to the elements, namely water and air. You would’ve seen its true colors if you were around in New York around during the late 19th or early 20th century. There’s a Photoshopped version on the Internet, but it may not be an accurate representation.

However, at one point in the statue’s life, it came close to collapsing. When the National Park Service, along with an international team of experts, conducted inspections in 1981, they found that the statue was being eaten up from the inside. Much of the iron frame that supported the statue began corroding, along with some copper. Continue reading

Hammering Brass Sheet Metal Products into Shape for Your Jewelry Work

The versatility and malleability of brass as a raw mineral helps lend itself to other constructive and creative purposes, such as making jewelry. Tammy Jones of Jewelry Making Daily states that she was looking to use brass for her next few projects after years of working on silver and copper. If you’re going for the same approach as she has, a company like Rotax Metals may have the right solutions for you, such as brass sheet metal stocks.
There are some ways that using brass for your new projects will bring out a different side of it. All it takes are some tools and your imagination running wild for fashion.

Brass Sheet Metal Essential in Brass Home Interior Design Comeback

Trends in fashion, gadgets, automotive, and even home interiors come and go. Brass items from the 70s, however, are making a comeback in the interior design department, supported by professional designers and retailers. Local interior designer Maureen Stevens shares her insights on the brass trend as she relates the changes she did in her own home to TWC News. She refers to brass as the “metal of the moment” because it can enhance the overall visual appeal of a room. It provides elegance, luxury, and sophistication to a living space.

Qualities of brass
Brass is a metal alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc, and greatly resembles gold in appearance (metallic yellow). This may be one of the reasons why the metal is used to turn an otherwise simple home to an elegant one. Some of the common uses of brass are for musical instruments, utensils, and ornaments.

Ensuring Quality Bronze and Brass with a Good Copper Sheet Supplier

Brass and bronze are two of the most common metal alloys used for various everyday purposes. Wholesale suppliers of metal, such as Rotax Metals, often find a good demand for these two for musical instruments, statues, sculptures, and home fixtures.

Brass and bronze differ in property, composition, and application. Brass is composed of copper and zinc, with a color similar to gold. Bronze, on the other hand, is composed of mainly copper, with other materials like tin, phosphorus, manganese, and aluminum mixed in. It has a reddish-brown shade.

Getting Your Brass Cleaned Up the Easy Way

As versatile as this combination of zinc and copper is, brass does tend to tarnish. Whether it’s a brass musical instrument or square brass tubing used for machinery, the following methods can prove fruitful to anyone who wants to clean up their brass items.

Brass or brass plating

If your item isn’t magnetic, then chances are it’s made of brass. If the magnet sticks to a supposedly brass piece, then it’s probably brass-plated. Either way, use water and mild detergent to clean the item, avoiding any abrasive cleaner or cloth that could leave scratches on the plating. Continue reading