4 Imaginative Brass Fixture Ideas for Chic Homes

Incorporating brass in the home has become a huge trend last year, and more homeowners are still interested in the characteristically chic items. Why not? The metal gives any space an enticingly classic, soft look, and it instantly gives the home a hint of the owner’s unique taste and personality.

Are you interested in making a business out of brass fixtures? Here are four imaginative ideas that customers will surely love:

Fascinating Vintage Faucets

Nothing says charming quite like antique brass spouts and levers. Whether wall-mounted or fixed onto sinks and tubs, these faucets can be delightful additions to any bathroom.

Tasteful Towel Racks

Like the faucets, towel racks and tissue roll holders made with brass tubes and molded plates can be beautiful bath accents. The finishes on the hardware can be matched to other bathroom items or ornaments like door hinges, sconces, and even the pipes under the sink.

Posh Picture Lights

Aside from sconces and lamps, you can make elongated picture lights that can be mounted above a mirror to provide better illumination when the vanities are in use.

Whimsical Mirrors

You can also mold brass into mirror frames, which will make great additions to the home or even gifts. You can either make big, lavish mirrors or cute dressing table mirrors.

Intricately Hewn Hanging Lamps

Look for brass extrusions, wires, and sheets that you can pattern or weave into delicate hanging lamps.


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