Brass Has Suitable Properties for Various Uses

Metals are often judged by how useful they are, which is usually determined by their properties. For example, brass is used extensively in various industries due to its desirable properties. It is malleable, low friction, and non-ferromagnetic. There are, however, many types of brass available to various users, each type having unique levels of this metal’s properties.

Basic brass has a copper to zinc proportion of 67% to 33%. Other brass alloys may be the result of variations in the copper to zinc proportion, or may contain additional metals.

Despite adding other elements like tin and iron, the resulting alloy is still considered brass because it’s predominantly copper and zinc. As may be seen from the information in the article, an addition of a certain metal can alter the product’s properties, and consequently, its application.

Careful analysis of the properties of a brass alloy’s metal composition is crucial to finding the right material for a specific use. Reliable brass manufacturers follow the standards formulated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in producing brass sheet metal and tubes, to ensure uniformity of the desired properties in all their products.

When looking for dependable brass suppliers for your specific needs, therefore, check to make sure that the products conform to ASTM standards. This way you are assured of the quality you get. Leading suppliers like Rotax Metals have adequate inventories of high quality brass products that can be safely and efficiently used for your specific needs.


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