4 Imaginative Brass Fixture Ideas for Chic Homes

Incorporating brass in the home has become a huge trend last year, and more homeowners are still interested in the characteristically chic items. Why not? The metal gives any space an enticingly classic, soft look, and it instantly gives the home a hint of the owner’s unique taste and personality.

Are you interested in making a business out of brass fixtures? Here are four imaginative ideas that customers will surely love: Continue reading


Decorate Your Home with Brass Home Interior Design

Brass has always been a popular decor for many houses, though people’s changing tastes have somewhat left it behind. However, brass items from the 70s are making a comeback in the interior design department, due in no small part to its gifts of elegance, luxury, and sophistication to living spaces.

Qualities of brass

Brass is a metal alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc, and greatly resembles gold in appearance (metallic yellow). This may be one of the reasons why the metal is used to turn an otherwise simple home into an elegant one. Some of the common uses of brass are for musical instruments, utensils, and ornaments. Continue reading

The Different Types of Bronze and Their Uses

Many people think that bronze is a naturally occurring metal, but it’s actually an alloy of copper and tin. As an alloy, one of the interesting properties of bronze is that you can mix it with other metals in various quantities to get different results. Here are some examples of bronze alloys that find a lot of use in the wider world: Continue reading

Quality Brass Tube: The Preferred Material for Plumbing and Fixtures

The high regard for brass as the material of choice for plumbing applications is attributed to the alloy’s recognized quality for durability and strength, while being malleable at the same time. A quality brass tube can last for more than 70 years, and can withstand high temperatures, which makes it highly fire-resistant. Moreover, brass is resistant to corrosion, or its tendency to rust, which contributes to its overall longevity.

The metal’s property of malleability makes it easier to install than other tubes made of some other material. Furthermore, brass fixtures in your building adds to the value of the property as much as it provides the space a touch of natural grace and sophistication. Solid brass plumbing fixtures and fittings are held up to high standards as they need to comply with FDA codes. This is to ensure that the quality of the water which will flow throughout the system will never be compromised.

Malleable Brass: Versatile Sheet Metal Can Be Used to Create Wonders

However, brass isn’t just used for decorative purposes. Companies use small brass extrusions in various machines and products; brass handles on doors and electrical fixtures are used a lot, especially because of the metal’s ability to resist corrosion and conduct electricity. The conductivity of the metal makes it excellent for wiring in speakers; it lets the speaker deliver a wider range of sounds well.

Brass is used as much in the making of tools. Brass hammers and wrenches are used when delicate work is needed; the soft metal is perfect for machining steel without leaving a mark. Brass tools also don’t cause spark, making them ideal for working in places with explosive or inflammable materials. In the field of music, brass is tapped to make musical instruments, which helps generate a unique tonal quality for beautiful music. Moreover, it’s light enough to have a marching band carry these brass instruments over a good distance.

Quality Brass Tube for Plumbing and Fixtures

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is widely used for many residential and commercial plumbing work. Its malleability also makes it a perfect material for crafting musical instruments and furniture. The distinctive, bright golden color of its surface makes it ideal for manufacturing polished fixture fittings. Truly, this is a metal of wonders, especially because unlike iron or most types of steel, brass does not succumb to oxidation. Continue reading

The Malleability and Versatility of Brass Sheet Metal

Perhaps one of the most significant uses for brass is in making furniture. Unlike other metals, it comes with a distinctively shiny and antique look that’s perfect for display in strategic areas of a building. There is more to brass, however, than shiny surfaces.

For one, the malleability of brass makes it a perfect medium for sculptures. Sculptors the world over use brass to make fantastic creations that awe and inspire. Brass sculptures can retain their color for a long time, even when placed outside of your house. With the proper finishes and treatments, you can proudly display a brass creation for all to see. Continue reading