Building a More Flexible Armature

Armatures comprised of square brass tubing are used in creating stop-motion (stopmo) puppets. Having an accurate and sturdy armature helps stopmo sculptors achieve the best product possible. Planning an armature carefully should help a sculptor be able to apply the desired gesture and nuance without compromising the integrity of the support.

Armatures can break with regular use. With all the work that goes into building a stopmo puppet, you want to ensure this happens less often. That is why makers prefer to build armatures with removable parts; this way, if an armature breaks, you can simply remove the damaged section and replace it with a new one, instead of having to build the puppet all over again.

It’s always a good idea to create removable parts, such as the puppet’s head, hands, and feet, since these are the body portions that endure the most manipulation. When building your puppet, be sure to incorporate sections of square brass tubing that will slot into each other for the puppet’s arms, hands, feet, head, and neck.

Making brass tubes that will slot into each other requires the use of a metal cutting tools, so be sure to protect yourself adequately when doing this task. Wear goggles, earplugs, gloves, and a dust mask at all times.


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